Optional Realities 3.0

Welcome back to Optional Realities, once again. I know that we have had a turbulent journey from our opening in 2014 to our second re-opening now in 2017. If you are reading this I would like to thank you whether you be a skeptic, passerby, or loyal reader of the blog. All of that being said I should probably explain why this time will be different and why you should follow any new updates we put out. The first thing that will be different is that the website and community will be solely focused on the design elements of text-based gaming. The weekly articles will be pre-written well in advance to ensure a timely and competent posting. The final difference will be a dedication to constructive topics within the blog itself and the community at large.

The community in the past was dedicated to a select range of games. Even though any game could promote on our forum, we had a sponsored links page and game dedicated subforums. This obviously caused some conflict as we purported to support text-based gaming but then excluded text-based games from our wheel house. That is no longer the case as the forum will be dedicated to the development, staffing, roleplay, and design discussions pertaining to any MU*. We will still maintain a unified subforum for any game to promote itself and do regular updates, retaining that original feature without the exclusionary elements to it.

As some of you may remember the weekly articles from Optional Realities 1,0 were a bit of a rollercoaster in terms of quality and focus on topics. This was partial because of the number of guest writers we had and the lack of a sufficient catalog of written articles prior to launching the website. It was a rookie mistake and rests solely on myself. That is why with this first article released on April 7th, I am happy to announce 2 months of articles already written and through editing. This will ensure that our single articles and multi-part series always have quality and thought put into them. We will also be seeking out guest writers from staff and players of text-based games which we can run in between Optional Realities’ staff articles, which will be focused on design elements of text-based gaming.

Our last significant change will be to our goals as a community. The original Optional Realities sought to provide a place for text-based game players to speak safely and openly about their experiences and opinions. That will still be the case but going forward the Optional Realities staff will focus the majority of their time participating on the forums to constructive topics. Our policies related to freedom of speech and the users right to share their experiences won’t change, only the time our writers spend on the forum. We hope that this will address concerns about the communities value to the genre as a whole while preserving our user’s freedom which is an important part of why they participated in the past and likely in the future.