Features: Design Process

Building a feature from inception to implementation is a multi-part process. While writing the notes for this article I considered magic systems, stealth systems, and even crafting systems. I finally settled on combat for this article. The reason for selecting […]

A Brief Look At Roleplay Communities

Community Leads have the tricky task of maintaining and nurturing large groups of people. For the purpose of this article let us focus on gaming communities and let us further focus on text-based roleplay communities. Now when I say community […]

Text-based Games: An Untapped Genre

Text-based RPGs hold a strange position when compared to other game genres. We are under-represented on virtually every game website, design blog, and sale platform. The reasons for this woeful state can be roughly boiled down to a stagnate community, […]

Games & Economies

Economics can be a very challenging topic in the real world, but also in game design. Very few games really pay much attention to their economies and for most of them it works out fine. Multiplayer games are a different […]

Managing Expectations: How & Why

Expectations are a mercurial thing that can affect first impressions, long term enjoyment, and general attitude towards something. There are numerous words of wisdom and marketing slogans based on the nature of expectations with one of the most famous being-“Expect […]