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Text-Based Games / [Pitch] Gilded Age Western in Spaaaace!
« on: June 06, 2017, 05:55:39 PM »
I realize that this is similar to Planet X by Clarity, but it has a different angle and focus.

Name: Gilded Age Western in Spaaaace (working title)
Core Theme: Frontier Development & Survival
Sub Theme: Politics, Intrigue, Exploration, Trade
Elevator Pitch: Off-World Trading Company, Rise of Industry, Anno 2205, Tales from the Borderlands, Android: Netrunner, Blade Runner, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Firefly
Setting: In the mid-21st century, the Singularity grew near.  Whether it would be for good or ill, humanity never discovered, because, like in a game of chicken, we veered off at the last moment. However, we drove straight into the ditch that was the finite capacity of Earth and the solar system.  Our population had continued to grow and with it the demand for resources to the point that long-term projections showed unsustainability.  Thus, Project Diaspora was initiated.
Using the advances uncovered through the development of the Shawyer or EM Drive, spacecraft could now approach relativistic speeds.  However, even at such velocities, a journey to a system 100s of light years away would cut the colonists off from communication or help from Earth.  Project Diaspora placed humans into stasis aboard colony and terraforming ships and sent to terraformable world's that had been identified.  The construction of these vessels were funded by companies that were founded specifically by the colonists for this venture.  Upon reaching their destination, these companies would lead the terraforming and colonization efforts and, in turn, make a profit, while also being at the forefront of the new society.
Location: One of the many terraforming worlds serving as destinations for Project Diaspora.  Now begins the process of settling their new home and hopefully getting rich in the process.  The two starting locations are the giant hub station in orbit formed from the colonization ships and the beginnings of the colony on the surface.  The corporations will bid on claims on the planet for the right to exploit those areas and develop them (see Offworld Trading Company for the general idea).  Additionally the main colony on the surface will develop at the player’s direction.
Feature List: Macroeconomics, land acquisition, RvR, terraforming, city (colony) planning, exploration, intrigue, and PvE with environment and local sentient life.
Playstyle: This game is trying to invoke the feel of a western in space, blending different eras of the Western genre, ranging from early settlements all the way to the arrival of railroad and mining companies.  Players have two areas to play in - the station and the colony.  The station is focused on climbing the corporate ladder as it were, working either in the corporations or the small colonial government, which focuses more on the top-level planning but also the corporate politics.  The colony is focused on exploration, day-to-day survival, and the underworld gangs.

Text-Based Games / [Pitch] City of Marvels
« on: April 28, 2017, 05:40:37 PM »
Name: City of Marvels (working title)
Core Theme: Intrigue
Sub Theme: Politics, Exploration, Adventure, Trade, Research
Elevator Pitch: Think Houses of the Blooded, Kill 6 Billion Demons, Earthsea, 7th Sea, and the Lords of Waterdeep board game

Setting: The game takes place in a fantastical ocean world dotted with islands and archipelagos with the largest land masses being the size of Greenland/Australia. Most of the islands are wilderness with a few tribal societies; though, there are also a few societies that are also developing to the same level and may become rivals.  The setting has multiple species (fantasy “races”) that have started filling into the city, granting players customization options for their characters and allowing some exploration of themes of racism and alien mindsets to human thinking.  I have yet to decide if slavery will be allowed for PCs but I do lean on the side of it being a part of the setting.

This will be a high magic setting with a low magic outlook.  I dislike how magic is handled by most settings where magic is something separate from the natural laws of the universe, i.e. the D&D method where an anti-magic field means that everything works as ‘normal’ inside the field, normal being how the real world works.  Magic is the normal in a magical setting.  Iron turning to steel is a magical process for instance. Magic becomes intertwined with science and technology.  By a low magic feel, I mean that, while magic suffuses the setting, it is not trusted, much like science and technology in a luddite/anti-intellectual society. In this setting magic will be everywhere but people using it is not trusted.  There will be a mage’s guild devoted to the ‘proper’ study of such things.  However, unsanctioned use and study of magic will be prosecuted fully.

Location:  The city itself is a growing metropolis, the capital of an up and coming bronze age civilization, much like Rome.  Also like Rome, the City is governed by a Senate; however, the senators are not elected.  Instead the senate is held held by nobles, with the number of votes a noble has being determined by the title of the noble and the title is determined by the amount of territory controlled by the noble.  Essentially think Dune only in a fantasy setting.

Feature List: Exploration and adventure, magical research, PvP, RvR, multiple sphere interaction, crafting, and macroeconomic system.  The macroenomic system which will be utilized by the nobles is something I have bandied about before on MU soapbox and will work a bit like a card game.  Nobles will control a number of lands based on their rank.  Each land will produce the same number of resources but the specific resources will vary by land.  For instance each land will produce 3 resources, but one of my lands may produce fish, lumber, and iron.  another of my lands produces cattle, sheep, and spices.  Each resource is a card and goes into a deck, so in my example, I would have a deck that consists of fish, lumber, iron, cattle, sheep, and spices.  Every harvest interval, a player draws a number of cards equal to some stat forming their hand of resources that their lands produced enough of for their to be excess.  The noble can then trade, sell, or use those resources to accomplish goals.  Whatever cards are left in their hand at the beginning of the next harvest interval are discarded.

Playstyle: The game is focused on a combination of exploration and intrigue.  Areas of play include the nobility who are focused on politics and top-level management.  Mages will be exploring the potential and limits of magic, while also hunting down those who practice it without license.  There will not be one unified religion; rather, much like Rome, the city may have its original religion, but with the influx of other cultures, multiple religions have flooded into the city, fighting with one another for preeminence.  There is also the underworld to engage in both with the other factions coming to them to utilize their covert abilities, but also amongst themselves, fighting over territory.  Finally, there are the merchants and explorers, ranging out to find new lands to exploit.


Turn up the dial on the Kill 6 Billion Demons feel and mix in a little Mystic Empyrean.  Instead of an island world, the setting is more fantastical with the city existing on its own plane of existence.  The nobles are instead gods/powerful mages.  The mage’s guild is even more limited, and the unsanctioned practice of magic is persecuted not through general fear and superstition of the populace but because the nobles don’t like competition.  Instead of traveling out to other island, explorers venture out to other planes of existence, establishing footholds for the city.

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