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Announcements / [CONTEST] June 2017: Creative Twist Contest
« on: June 08, 2017, 09:03:55 PM »
June 2017 contest

The contest for June is all about creativity. Each entry will provide creative twist on an existing genre or setting. The submission will explain the genre that they are updating and then go into the creative twist they have applied. You can think of it as an elevator pitch for a new take on an old way of doing things. Applications will have two parts and this month we will be providing a grading rubric.

Application Part 1: Setting the Base Genre

This portion should be no more than 300 words and it should explain the genre, setting, or universe that you are making adaptions or changes too.

Application Part 2: The Twist

This portion should be no more than 1500 words and it should explain the twist or creative change you are making to the setting. You may use examples, short stories, simple explanation, or even images to convey why the change you have made to the original setting, genre, or universe is creative and beneficial in some way.

Grading Rubric: 50pts Creativity , 50pts Pitch

The rubric is fairly self explanatory but the creativity or uniqueness of the application will be taken into account. Is it actually a new twist or a cliche you're pitching? The pitch portion of the grading will be based on how well you sell or convey the change. How clearly you make the judges understand it.

All submissions should be submitted to and be submitted as either googledocs or as a PDF. If you need to convert to a PDF you can use

1st Place wins 75 USD to a paypal of their choice or charity of their choice
2nd place wins 50 USD to a paypal of their choice or charity of their choice
3rd place wins 25 USD to a paypal of their choice or charity of their choice

All winners will be announced by July 6th and all payments posted by July 12th. Good luck and have fun.

General / [Article] Feature: Design Process
« on: May 29, 2017, 11:19:52 PM »

An article about the design process of a hypothetical HorrorCombat feature that takes a different approach to conflict resolution in a game with an intentionally lower power scale.

Announcements / Optional Realities: Server Downtime
« on: May 22, 2017, 10:54:54 AM »

We had 48 downtime last week and appear to have lost 24 hours of information from our servers. This was our host having technical difficulties and not on our end. This information loss caused us to lose the article from 05/14 and 05/21 , but we will post both articles (re-written) on 05/28. In addition, you should see me being more active during the end of this month as some real life commitments ease up.

General / [Article] A Brief Look At Roleplay Communities
« on: May 07, 2017, 11:16:58 PM »

This article briefly goes over communities, being a community lead, and my personal thoughts on what can harm community discourse and contentment.

General / [Contest] May 2017: Questions
« on: May 02, 2017, 01:17:33 AM »
This thread is for any rule, contest, or clarification questions.

Announcements / [Contest] May 2017: Redshirt Character Contest
« on: May 02, 2017, 12:57:48 AM »
May 2017 contest

This month's contest is a bit of fun, characterization, and narrative. The submissions for May will be the best red shirt characters you can think of. For those who do not know redshirts are destined to die to raise the stakes or show how mission critical a situation is. There have been many takes on the redshirt over the years but for this contest, you will have three parts to your submission.

1. Genre or IP they exist within. (Example: Scifi, Game of Thrones, Lovecraftian, Marvel, Horror, Mystery, etc)

2. Character Biography & Description --- Please do not exceed 1500 words

3. Scene or Short Story They Die In --- This can be in roleplay form or story form. It shouldn't exceed 1500 words though.

All submissions should be submitted to and be submitted as either googledocs or as a PDF. If you need to convert to a PDF you can use

1st Place wins 75 USD to a paypal of their choice or charity of their choice
2nd place wins 50 USD to a paypal of their choice or charity of their choice
3rd place wins 25 USD to a paypal of their choice or charity of their choice

All winners will be announced by June 3rd and all payments posted by June 7th. Good luck and have fun.

General / [Article] Text-based Games: An Untapped Genre
« on: April 30, 2017, 10:36:33 PM »
This week's article is about text-based games as a genre. How we have different difficulties from other game genres and how we still have hope for a bright future as a genre.

Announcements / Optional Realities 3.0 Discord Channel
« on: April 26, 2017, 04:05:04 PM »

You can join our discord channel here. I have delayed publicly announcing it in hopes that those who join will be those who have been reading the site over the last few weeks and most interested in development discussions. The rules for Discord are the same as the forums themselves. I hope you join us, we've had some good discussions that can be read via the backlog.

General / [Archives] General Discussion
« on: April 26, 2017, 12:05:58 PM »
This thread can be used to discuss articles and threads from the archive section of the forums in one location. If anything becomes significant enough you can always make a thread for it separately.

General / [Article] Games & Economies
« on: April 23, 2017, 11:02:00 PM »
This article gives some context to game economies not only for MUDs but other genres. It explains the different challenges and provides two suggested methods of handling economies in your own games.

The Article

Archives / [Article] Designing Immersive Combat Systems by Jaunt
« on: April 22, 2017, 12:21:03 PM »
This article was written by Jaunt to explore immersive combat and provide some of the ideas we were using on Project Redshift at the time.

Archives / [Article] The Art of the Epic Story
« on: April 22, 2017, 12:19:13 PM »
This was written by Alucard, best known from their involvement with Shadows of Isildur.

Archives / [Article] Designing and Iterating New Features by Slither
« on: April 22, 2017, 12:17:40 PM »
This was the first article written by Slither a staffer at Sindome.

Archives / [Article] Player Building by Tyr
« on: April 22, 2017, 12:11:38 PM »

This was Tyr's first article with Optional Realities and outlines the inspirations and thought process behind extensive player building and customization.

Archives / [Contest] June 2015
« on: April 22, 2017, 12:08:23 PM »
This contest was to write a story within a setting of an existing game.

The Contest Folder

Archives / [Contest] September 2015
« on: April 22, 2017, 12:06:41 PM »
This was a writing contest to conceive of an antagonist/villain concept.

Avatar of the Zeitgeist


Nanny Anny


Archives / [Contest] May 2015
« on: April 22, 2017, 12:01:01 PM »
This was an elevator pitch contest for various text-based games. The winner was Usurper by Griatch.

Ecology MUD

End Game HUB

Grey MUD

Dark Earth


Game Design / [Mechanic] Crowded Room Roleplay
« on: April 18, 2017, 03:57:58 PM »
As a text-based game there is writing and reading time involved with our medium. This is normally no big deal people are able to roleplay at whatever pace they and their companions set. However when you get "crowds" this can become difficult and there are a myriad of ways to address this situation from gentleman's agreements about posting order or limiting posts to just the essential. There are also coded methods of addressing this in some games where characters can join locations or places and simply have their posts display to those at their place or do larger emotes to the entire room. Often times the number of characters it takes before a scene is crowd has to do with the roleplay styles involved but lets look at a mechanical way of addressing this.

<Note: A room would be flagged crowded after 6 people are in it so in a room with 5 or less emotes would echo to everyone else normally>

Jeshin, Durendal, Redacted, Clarity, RuCookie, Inzu, Daniel, and Ruckover are in a room titled The Feast of Lights Tavern

Jeshin, Inzu, Ruckover, and Durendal are sitting at a table

Clarity and Redacted are sitting at a booth

Daniel is just entering the room and nowhere specific


You have 3 commands (inspired by HavenRPG) Announce, Emote, and Subtle

Announce - echoes the output of a post to the entire room like a normal emote/emit/pose might

Emote - Echoes the output of a post to those at your location and anyone @targetted in your post

Subtle - Echoes exclusively to those at your location and nowhere else

(Announcement) Jeshin rises up from the table with Durendal, Inzu, and Ruckover and begins to sing in a bawdy tone "What a lovely bunch of coconuts, tiddly dum, there they are all standing in a row... Bum bum!" [everyone sees]

(Subtle) Inzu looks up at @Jeshin and shakes his head, "You look like an idiot." [Only the location sees]

(emote) Durendal comments to @Ruckover, "He does look like an idiot." before nodding to @Daniel and making a beckoning motion to join them [Location and anyone @targetted sees]

(emote) Clarity watches @Jeshin and laughs at the sudden outburst, shaking her head at the man before saying to her companion "So silly." [location and anyone @targetted sees]

For the moment lets assume that we're not implementing eavesdropping/perception/watch/focus code into this game. Instead lets focus on the biggest issue with a large screen, the screen scroll from to many posts. Often in large scenes people will be courteous and target those that they are interacting with, but others will see it. In games where you have location specific posts/emotes some people will throw out what they believe to be overt actions to the whole room such as waving for someone to approach their location or calling out a greeting to someone at another table. These actions build up and the scroll from "filler" posts and those at your location can become overwhelming and discourage players from fully enjoying the benefits of a large scene.

In my proposed example we are removing the primary cause for large crowd spam which is "visible filler posts" by tying the ability to provide information to specific people via emote with @targets. In this way roomwide announcement posts would no longer be used for drawing the attention of specific people or trying to convey dirty looks or anything like that. Instead they will be used by staff or center of attention characters (ideally). This simple change could make larger scenes easier to manage while retaining the benefits of existing approaches to it.

1. How does you think games can handle crowded scenes?

2. Are there any significant unmentioned drawbacks to the approach provided?

3. Are crowded scenes problematic on games that you play? What kind of problems do they have specifically?

General / [Article] Managing Expectations: How & Why?
« on: April 16, 2017, 11:40:42 PM »

Roleplay Culture / OOC Channels: Beneficial or Detrimental?
« on: April 10, 2017, 11:53:40 PM »
It is no secret that I have a fairly strong RPI/RP Enforced background. That being said the original game I staffed: The Sea of Storms was more MUD/MUSH hybrid than RPI. It had ooc channels, you repsawned if you died to MOBs, you coordinated scenes with people. So out of 10+ years of playing text-based games I actually have 10 of them on a hybrid game. After all my time playing these games I have come to form an opinion on OOC communication independent from the traditional RPI approach of NONE.

I believe that OOC channels on games are detrimental. They harm immersion, they open the door to players being dicks to each other instead of characters being dicks, and worst of all they open the door to staff speaking too freely or without forethought to players within an arena that are administrators/authority figures. All of the benefits of OOC channels can be replicated by forums and newbie helpers.

I do not believe that OOC communication is bad. In fact OOC communication is a natural side effect of enjoying the hobby of roleplay and text-based gaming. No other hobby not tabletop, sports, model train making, indie games, cosplay, or anything really discourages its participants from sharing their experiences and enjoyment with one another. You could say it is a key social aspect of a hobby that helps bring in new people, keep older members engaged, and create a shared history.

You may be wondering what the difference between an OOC channel on a game and a forum off-game could possibly be. The answer is degrees of separation. The game is for roleplay and game activities. Telling stories, exploring, writing descriptions, preparing for adventures. The forums/other ooc venues are for sharing your opinions, talking about non-game related content, and possibly being a dick to each other. Another benefit of degrees of separation is that the extra effort involved in writing a forum post (for example) tends to filter out some of the issues of an instant gratification/access channel on the game you're playing.

I want to elaborate on this further, but I think it's more important to raise the topic of discussion and get more feedback before I hunker down and do a more dedicated point by point on this. Who knows I might be persuaded that my concerns about OOC channel do not outweigh the practical benefits experience on X Y or Z game.

Game Design / [Feature] Superstition System
« on: April 09, 2017, 11:09:36 PM »
This feature is meant for a horror game but can be applied to any game with sufficient superstition or religion to justify it. The intent of this system is to encourage IC actions from characters inkeeping with a setting. Basically if your setting/world should have superstitious activity or religious activity in it this system is meant to incentivice players to actually RP out codedly follow through superstitious instead of having one out of every ten do it or a few people token RP about it without ever following through. Obviously if you implement a system that works 100% of the time with specific superstitions or religious acts then everyone will just do the one they want the buff/bonus/modifier from. Instead this system has a list of recognized superstitious actions and each day several are selected randomly and the bonus are selected randomly for a separate list. In this way characters will experience the benefits of their superstition but it will be inconsistent or perhaps they will believe it's consistent. The point is that it functions like luck and superstition should.

This is how I would implement it...

Superstition List

+ Face painting with goats blood (just have an item goats blood and a command paint face)
+ Sacrifice X Y or Z (this can be several superstitions each one requiring a different sacrifice. Just as a sacrifice command and items you want to be sacrificed)
+ Wear a significant item (Add an item and an ifcheck when it's worn/removed)
+ Prayers/Mantra (Add a recite/prayer/mantra command and phrases that you icheck against)

IC Daily Selection [Randomly Selection from the superstion list]

I would likely randomize this with a disqualier if an item from the superstition list had been selected twice in a row excluding it from a third time.

Benefit List

+ Minor bonus to avoiding combat damage
+ Minor bonus to perception based things
+ Minor bonus to foraging/mining/resource gathering checks
+ Weather ifcheck that identifies the % of active characters with an active superstition. High enough you get good weather, to low you get crap weather
+ Ifcheck for active superstitions and minor feel good echoes to those characters
+ Ifcheck for no superstition, negative feeling echoes to those characters
You can get pretty creative

1. Does this system accurately capture superstition and the motivation to follow it?
2. Can you think of any superstitions or non-standard benefits that might be good?
3. What kind of games/settings could this be adapted too if y ou removed the superstition requirement and replaced it with some theme appropriate guidelines?

Text-Based Games / [Pitch] Under Dark Skies
« on: April 09, 2017, 06:41:38 PM »
This is a pitch thread. In it, I will outline a game titled Under Dark Skies. I will provide some general information, proposed feature lists, and suggested character concepts or roleplay scenarios. You can think of this as something akin to a movie pitch you might make at a bar with friends or a book idea you share with fellow writers. Not something that will be made necessarily but something that helps flex those game design muscles in the brain.

Name: Under Dark Skies
Core Theme: Cthulu Horror
Sub Theme: Exploration, Steampunk (Invention), Victorian (Classism)

Setting: Under Dark Skies takes place in an alternate version of earth in a roughly victorian era. You have trade companies and expansionist governments as well as privates and privateers all over the world seeking new lands, new resources, and great fortune. This golden age of exploration and invention came to an end when the skies suddenly became blacked out by oil clouds. Almost all light is blocked and the rain that falls from these oily clouds is black and oily itself. If left alone it crystalizes after drying forming something called "Nyx". Exposure to the black rain or the crystallized Nyx has been shown to cause mutations, disease, and an infection of a crystal like substance in the bodies and plants of those exposed.

Location: The game will take place on an island of some renown prior to the world changing blackening of the skies. The island has a major town inland which mines a new resource and several smaller port towns on the coast, though contact with them have been lost. It is in this isolated town, behind the walls, and with an eclectic mix of nationalities and social classes that the game takes place.

Feature List: Combat with a focus on fleeing/subduing, Superstition system which provides random benefits, Social Class and a Profession system which determines hidden stats and available skills, invention system, and a corruption/mutation/disease system.

Playstyle: This is a horror game that is meant to invoke the kind of existential drama of Lovecraft. A town separated from the world, clinging to survival, and forced to contend with the new reality. A stressful situation where madness, disease, or body horror can end the hopes and dreams of anyone from an Aristocratic landowner to a landlocked sailor. The majority of RP would probably be dedicated to metaplot elements like finding out what is happening, learning more about the nyx, and possibly finding out what happened to the other port settlements.

Note: The steampunk elements would be light we'd be talking about early electricity, steam powered engines, no steam-powered robo arms or airships.

Game Design / [Mechanic] Delayed Emotes
« on: April 08, 2017, 03:26:07 PM »

I am unaware of any games which support delayed emotes and I have not fully conceived of all the pros and cons involved with them. I do think they are an interesting concept that may allow for deeper conflict roleplay and more involved inter-personal roleplay. Some of the initial examples I can think of are pickpockets. Often times there is a commentary that being robbed would be more enjoyable/acceptable if it were roleplayed out more. Obviously, there is a catch-22 going on wherein the pickpocket (who is the aggressor) and the mark (the victim) end up swapping roles if the pickpocket overtly roleplays what is going down. It goes from a situation wherein code or character sheets support the pickpockets ability to do something to a situation where a now OOCly informed mark allows the pickpocket to do something. Obviously, this kind of goodwill act can be done and done successfully until someone gets burned. Then what do you do? Do you never rob from that person again? Then everyone has an incentive to be difficult about being pickpocketed or robbed when given the roleplay some of them claim they want since it will lead to them not being targetted further. Do you deny them the overt roleplay they want thus feeding into the commentary they'd like it more if there was roleplay? That's normally what ends up happening.

Delayed Emotes could be used to provide roleplay without the immediate reveal that a normal emote would give. You can even have delayed emotes be intentionally masked so they don't use recognition names or short descs but instead are written in a vague manner. Let's see an example...

A colorful marketplace

This area is dominated by colorful tents with crates, tables, and wheelbarrows of goods out for sale with hawkers and merchants keeping a watchful eye on their belongings. There is a path between the numerous colorful tents made of hard packed dirt with foot traffic from late morning til late afternoon and a low din of conversation and noise from the crowds.

Jeshin is meandering around
Bloke is conversing with a merchant about prices
LadySilk is examining bolts of fabric at a stall

[EMOTE] Jeshin meanders along the hard packed dirt paths between the colorful tents. He has his hands in his pockets and seems to be whistling an innocent tune.

[EMOTE] "I won't pay more than a saltbox of silver for that book, no matter how rare it is." Bloke says in an indignant tone to a Book merchant who is holding a red-dyed leatherbound tome of some value. He is dressed in simple attire but keeps his hand on his hip while bargaining with the merchant.

[EMOTE] LadySilk is a stall over from Bloke and appears to have a bolt of some royal purple dyed fabric in her hands. She is attended by a lady in waiting or a maid of some sort dressed in breeches and an embroidered doublet while she is wearing a simple cut but fine crimson dress.

[EMOTE] Jeshin pauses behind the Bloke and looks over the man's shoulder at the red-dyed leatherbound tome with his innocent whistle up ticking into one of intrigue. "That's got to be sum book, eh? What makes tha' bit o' parchment an hide so special? If you don't mind the asking." he says in an intrusive and then vaguely apologetic tone.

[EMOTE] LadySilk sets down the bolt of purple-dyed fabric on the stall in front of her and begins to count out some tiny slips of copper from her beltpouch. Meanwhile she says to her attendant, "Is that Bloke? Do go over and ask if that is the book he has been talking about for the last week." The young maid nods and murmurs an "Of course." before walking over towards Bloke and Jeshin.

[EMOTE] Bloke seems startled by Jeshin's approach, so intent was he in the negotiation with the merchant. He turns and gives Jeshin a shoo'ing gesture with one hand and a squinty eyed look. "That's none of your business sirrah! I'm trying to conclude a purchase here and don't care to share my business with some streetwalker."

[EMOTE] Jeshin's brow furrows and the previously innocently whistling man gives Bloke a shove backwards and then a second shove towards the young maid approaching from an adjacent stall. "I'm not about to take lip from some book reader, specially not when I was trying to be friendly about it!"

[EMOTE] The young maiden lets out a surprised noise as the Bloke is pushed in her direction, not quick enough to get out of the way she holds out her hands to cushion any possible impact!

[EMOTE] Bloke stumbles back and before he can recover is shoved into the young maiden, though he catches himself so he bumps into her instead of sending them both sprawling. "I'll have your ear for this, sirrah!" he says in an indignant and enraged voice, his face flushed red and spittle coming from his lips on the threat.

[EMOTE] The young maiden almost goes over but manages to steady herself on Bloke's back before stepping away and saying in a hesitant voice, "Bloke, my lady wanted to speak with you... If you're not to busy with him?" she indicates Jeshin with a nod and gives him an irritated look.

[EMOTE] Jeshin scowls at the pair and says, "Like hell you will," and with that he turns on his heel to depart, hands going back into his pockets.

[DELAYEDEMOTE DISPLAYS AFTER BLOKE LEAVES THE ROOM OR 10 MINUTES] While Bloke tumbles about there is a tug at his waist and a pair of nimble fingers slipping into the pouch. It's quick and they grab what their phishing fingers can, evidently a small bar of silver. With a simple sleight of hand the movement is obscured amongst the shoving and stumbling incident.

Who robbed the Bloke?
Would such a delayed roleplay emote be satisfying?
Does it add anything to this scene?

Roleplay Culture / Negative Conditioning of Playerbases
« on: April 08, 2017, 02:52:30 PM »
TLDR - Bad apples cause a lack of goodwill and trust in the playerbase to certain character concepts or mechanics because of past abuses or excessive use.

In almost every game there is an activity or archetype that earns an unthematic or disproportionate response from the playerbase. Sometimes this is due to lack of documentation about the setting. Other times it can be traced back to personal player opinions on the issue. Both of these can be addressed by the staff and the community with further documentation in the case of lacking documentation and downplaying things In Character in the case of personal player opinions bleeding into their characters. Another way that disproportional/unthematic responses can arise is through negative conditioning. Negative conditioning is where players have bad experiences with the later villainized archetype/activity. There are some common groups/activities that get this treatment and the reason why normally comes down to a lack of self-awareness from players.

Lets take a look at thieves which will often have a strong stigma attached to them on RPI games. Obviously thieving is a staple in many settings especially in survival, apocalyptic, horror, and adventure settings. Everyone can envision the roguish charmer who employs the five-finger discount or a little 'knock' on a door to get what they want. So why do these types of characters and activities get such a strong response sometimes? Bad thieves. Not in the IC sense that they are bad, in the IC sense they are extraordinary thieves. They can clean out homes with nary a sign of their efforts except for an empty room. They can pick items from your inventory with impunity until you're buttoning every flap and cinching every pouch string. They can disappear almost perfectly in closed rooms to the point of being nigh invisible despite a posse of people emoting about searching for 30 minutes.

These negative and questionable experiences from a conditioning in the playerbase. Better safe than sorry. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. You could have very magnanimous players that carry money on them in reasonable amounts should a pickpocket want to earn some income. They stay in homes with average to no security accepting the fact they may be occasional robbed. They even leave out keepsakes and valuable items in their homes should someone want to take one or two during their skulking. After they get cleaned out a few times though, likely for more than they were imagining was "fair" they will begin playing defensively and should a thief be named and shamed they will often take severe actions against them to dissuade them doing their thieving again. Even if they are not the character or player who originally wronged them. Most of the time this is because they do not know who wronged them they only know how they were wronged so you get guilt by association.

You can also have villains/antagonists which can earn special attention even though each individual incident is not that different from what another villain/antagonist might do. Why do these characters and players seemingly get singled out? Often it is due to a lack of self-awareness and self-moderation. While the playerbase might accept consistent and measured acts of villainy there is a line that can be crossed and the activity becomes excessive. This could be something like "hoarding" victims. This is when a villain seems to constantly find the freshest and newest characters, introduce them to their villainy, often in a long lasting way. Then despite having this strong roleplay hook with their new victim, they will proceed to do it again, and again, and again until they have a veritable harem of Roleplay partners and no time for all of them. Then they pick the wrong victim, someone that is already being targetted by other villains, more moderate villains. This leads to a seemingly unthematic response where villains will "defend" the victim or "defend" their stake in a victim by lashing out against the excessive villain character. Often the same lack of self-awareness that leads to the excessive antagonism also leads to an inability to identify why this backlash from "fellow villains" is occurring.

This negative conditioning can lead to people being very opinionated about what is good or bad antagonism. What should be nipped in the bud early so it doesn't become excessive? What character concepts are "crude" or "shallow" and need to be targetted as soon as they show their colors? This kind of defensive attitude can lead to jumping the gun as well as diminishing the total amount of antagonism/conflict in a game as people don't want to be seen as too excessive and added into the category of characters that need an outsized response when they do an evil act.

An almost universal roleplay hook that gets an overwhelming response from players is rape. Despite any documentation or implication, it should be downplayed or outright ignored in a setting the potential or historical abuse of this roleplay content earns a harsh and often mob with pitchforks response to the rapist. Sometimes even when the rape narrative was sought out by the victim and is something they are interested in playing out. The stigma on this roleplay subject matter is so strong that even the victim characters of rape can be swept up in the response by a playerbase. This obviously imparts because of OOC opinions on rape but if you speak to enough roleplayers many will offer opinions about how they've rarely seen rape done well and have failed to see the benefit of rape roleplay in games in the past. It is also because some people who do opt into doing rape roleplay end up becoming excessive in it and/or loop portions of the playerbase into it that would rather not be involved. This happens and suddenly the playerbase is negatively conditioned to want to shut down the roleplay narrative as soon as it crops up to spare themselves the risk of a prolonged and messy involvement.

Do you think playerbases are negatively conditioned by excessive or abusive experiences with certain things?

Do you think it's just a matter of OOC/IC bleed where players are projecting their personal opinions onto a character that should be more chill about it?

Can you think of any other character concepts, roleplay narratives, or mechanics that get overwhelming responses?

World Building / How Much Is To Much Documentation?
« on: April 08, 2017, 02:02:16 AM »
When you're developing a unique setting without source books or regular books or media associated with it how much documentation should you be aiming to provide to players and how much is excessive? For this purpose lets use the most common of settings feudal fantasy with magic. Lets call this setting FFM and lets say that we're going to avoid some of the more common feudal fantasy tropes so we don't want to lean on other media to inform on our setting.

FFM Documentation
+ Primary Location
     - This document outlines and describes the primary city of our setting. Its known laws, its general attitude, its governance.

+ Ethnicity/Race 1
      - This document gives a blurb about race 1, their appearance, their favoured fashion, any historical relevance to Primary location

+ Ethnicity/Race 2
      - This document gives a blurb about race 2, their appearance, their favoured fashion, any historical relevance to Primary location

+ Ethnicity/Race 3
      - This document gives a blurb about race 3, their appearance, their favoured fashion, any historical relevance to Primary location

+ Religions
      - This document outlines any major religions, how it relates to primary location or the races or big bad

+ Magic
      - This document outlines magic, how it affects daily life, how it's perceived by non-magic users, examples of its usage

+ Big Bad
      - This document outlines the enemies of the primary location or religions or magic or races. Give a little history of the first appearance of the big bad and modern day events.

For a 'unique' setting where you want people to grasp the core concepts of your world and any non-standard information is that part of the game. Is this enough documentation assuming 500 word minimum per section. Does anything need to be added in this theoritical example or is 3500 words to dense for introducing players to a setting?

General / AMA For Jeshin
« on: April 08, 2017, 12:35:04 AM »
This thread is for specific and directed questions that anyone might want to ask me but doesn't want to dedicate a whole thread to it. This can include rules questions, why I'm doing this for a third time, whether Project Redshift is in development, or whether I realize how much of a nerd I am? You know the normal questions people ask.

General / Introductions
« on: April 08, 2017, 12:32:33 AM »
Let people know who you are, what games you're playing, why you're here, and whatever else you like.

Announcements / Forum Rules & Policies
« on: April 08, 2017, 12:22:49 AM »
1. Spamming will result in posts being removed and a warning. Spamming can be bots or repeated posting of the same post.

2. Harassment will result in posts being removed and a warning. Harassment can be excessive aggressive posts against a singular person. It can also be numerous targeted exchanges by two arguing posters that derail threads.

3. Inciting Violence will result in posts being removed and a temporary ban. Do not tell someone to kill themselves, attempt to organize riots, threaten people with harm, and especially tell people to kill themselves.

4. Illegal downloads/links will result in posts being removed and a warning. Do not post links to illegal porn downloads, movie torrents, video games, and especially anything illegal enough to garner copyright attention.

These are the general rules by which the forum will be managed. I do not want to censor anyone and I believe in all the rules being as objective as possible. If you have any questions you can message me directly or start a thread discussing the rules. This policy is evolving and should users make a good case for new rules or situations arise that these rules do not cover that need to be addressed, then it will be updated.

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