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[PITCH] Sonder MU*
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“n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.” – Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

 Sonder is a roleplaying intensive MUD that explores the intriguing lives and dark secrets of the denizens residing in Briarport, Washington. Sonder promotes an atmosphere of cloying, interpersonal horror and occult paranoia hidden under a veil of social normalcy: the families of Briarport have no shortage of skeletons in the closet. A recent triple-suicide of clergy at the Saint Thomas Aquinas Cathedral has shaken the normally sleepy port town to its core. The attention of regional law enforcement and media turn to the town as the initial verdict of suicide tips ever-closer to a declaration of murder.

Sonder is inspired by shows like Bates Motel and novels like 'Salem's Lot and Hemlock Grove.

- - -


*A small town setting, pop. around 3000.

*An in-depth application and roster system, focused on continuity, goal-based character development, and forming connections between characters already on the grid. Everyone should come to the table with a hook, and everyone should be able to easily be hooked.

*An influence system that allows you to spend money or time to entrench yourself as a paragon of the town, and then use that influence to strike out at your peers, costing them money, influence, or affecting their reputation in some way.

*An attractiveness code. I'm leery on this one, but I feel like Haven quite nearly got it right, and it was a nice little mini game for characters interested in that.

*A storytelling system, for characters to craft their own events. Rigorously checked for continuity.

*An automated police system, disallowing people to murder each other in broad daylight in the middle of the street.

*An investigation skill that allows perceptive players to obtain a variety of clues about a crime that happened in a room, if the criminal isn't experienced, and doesn't take the appropriate precautions (covering fingerprints, hair, boot prints, etc.)

*Automated, quick, and painful combat. If somebody outweighs you and you lack training, you're probably going to be throttled to death. But maybe you can scream for help... (LabMUD's system immediately springs to mind, but with less opportunity for upward movement without considerable time, effort, and even money put in.) I've always wanted a combat system that was true to a real life scenario, and that mimic the claustrophobic, quick chaos that unarmed fights devolve to. I want the power to really be in the hands of those who are trained, but I also want a system of checks and balances such as the law and investigation system to make mass murders fairly preventable. When murder happens in Briarport, it's going to be a fairly big deal, and have a lot of hands involved. This does not reflect my feelings on armed combat or supernatural combat, two things which while rare, happen in situations where your average Briarport citizen probably won't be involved.

*A supernatural element, introduced via the metaplot, over time.

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Re: [PITCH] Sonder MU*
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Twin Peaksy.

I like.

More thoughts later.
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Re: [PITCH] Sonder MU*
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Sounds interesting.  Some I the elements are similar to what I was gunning for with my pitch.